Monday, July 11, 2011

New Start: Sharla (HAED)

I had a new start over the July 4th weekend!  It took me a while to take a picture so I could post about it!

This will be my first HEAD project.  Actually this will be my first BAP project of any kind.  I'm stitching Sharla.  She is a mermaid from artist Hannah Lynn Disney.  I've been a fan of Hannah Lynn's for many years.  I thought it would be really hard to select my first HAED until I saw they had charted some Hannah Lynns!

I'm stitching her one over one on 28 ct mushroom Lugana.  I've stitched on 28 ct Lugana before but never one over one.  It's so tiny!  I'm really enjoying it, though, (minus how horribly hard it is to unstitch a mistake).

I'm trying not to let her overtake High Tide as I'm hoping to finish High Tide this month. 

Sharla: started July 2nd.

Ignore the ugly waste knots.  :)  I'm using them to end my threads.


  1. How exciting, your first HAED start, YAY!!!! Looks fabulous!

  2. Great progress and HAEDs are addictive. Those are yummy colors to work with too.

  3. Congratulations on starting your first HEAD! I will look forward to watching your piece grow! You've got a great start so far!