Tuesday, August 9, 2011

High Tide: Backstitched Beach Section

The backstitching on the beach section of High Tide is complete.  The grass... was a challenge.  :)

My posts may be more sporadic for a little while.  My camera broke!!  It's a shame the universe can't tell you these things ahead of time...

Sorry for such an overexposed picture.  I had to use the scanner and it turned out super bright.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Nap Mat, Pillow, and Blanket

My kids started a new daycare today.  I spent the weekend machine stitching since my toddler needed a nap mat and my preschooler needed a pillow and blanket.

They both wanted Spongebob.  Add that to the Spongebob lunchkit and we look like a family much obsessed.

My preschooler's pillow and blanket:

Spongebob nap pillow and blanket

In the folded down corner, you can see a little bit of where I sewed his name into the blanket. The pillow has something similar.

My toddler's napmat:

Spongebob nap mat roll

The entire thing is one piece and rolls up with velcro tabs and a shoulder strap. His name is sewn into the shoulder strap, but I scrambled his name for the picture.

I made the pillow removable for washing. It has been through an entire wash cycle unscathed so I'm calling it a success!