Monday, August 1, 2011

Nap Mat, Pillow, and Blanket

My kids started a new daycare today.  I spent the weekend machine stitching since my toddler needed a nap mat and my preschooler needed a pillow and blanket.

They both wanted Spongebob.  Add that to the Spongebob lunchkit and we look like a family much obsessed.

My preschooler's pillow and blanket:

Spongebob nap pillow and blanket

In the folded down corner, you can see a little bit of where I sewed his name into the blanket. The pillow has something similar.

My toddler's napmat:

Spongebob nap mat roll

The entire thing is one piece and rolls up with velcro tabs and a shoulder strap. His name is sewn into the shoulder strap, but I scrambled his name for the picture.

I made the pillow removable for washing. It has been through an entire wash cycle unscathed so I'm calling it a success!


  1. Love it!Did you follow a pattern or just wing it?

  2. Wow, those a really great. You're amazing!!

  3. These are darling, Delphyne!

  4. WOW, this is amazing!!!!!!! You should open up an online shop, I'd totally buy this. Can you make me one? lol seriously though!! Amazing job