Friday, June 17, 2011

Disassemblage of Harvest Moon Floss

Oh no.  I brought out my bag of Harvest Moon floss - not just because I ordered the fabric yesterday - but to lust after the color palette.  I love the colors of autumn.

I left my bag unattended.  I have a two year old.

I walked in to find him pulling off the very last DMC number label.  I didn't salvage a single one.  He had every single paper off of the floss.  He also had thread around his legs, his shoes...

He was so cute helping me put the pile of thread and millions (slight exaggeration) of little labels back in the big bag.  Then he stood up and a bunch fell out of his clothes. We put those in the bag, too.

I was crying to my husband about how many shades of the same colors were in Harvest Moon.  7 greens, 15 yellow/tan/brown... Why can I not tell the difference between yellow, tan, and brown for crying out loud?

My sweet hubby said he would figure out which color was which.  Really?  Awesome!  He's an artist and formally trained in color theory.  Surely he can decipher the colors!  Off I went to fix dinner!

I walked back in to find my husband trying to untangle a mass of floss.  Oh no.  I should have seen that coming.

I spent all night decoding half the colors.  I completely failed at the other half.  They are all just living in a label-less bag together.  I'll figure it out.  Somehow.  :)


  1. Oh dear... ROFL!!! sorry... I can't help laughing. I'm sure your little boy was sooooo adorable pulling out those DMC tags. Probably thought he was helping mommy out. Good luck with deciphering the rest of the DMCs.

  2. Thanks, Joysze! He really had a good time with those tags. I may have to fix him up a bag of fake floss made out of yarn and paper. :D

  3. Hi, returning the following. I couldn't help laughing at this post, I have a 2 year old too so completely understand!

    If you send me a list of the unmatched colours I could send a snippet of each one which might help? I have most of the DMC!